It has been through deep, heart-centered contemplation that we have come to the decision to announce a major shift in Sisterhood of the Red Tent. Due to some personal issues and reflection over life’s directions, we will be ceasing Red Tent Retreats as they have been. We are both going to take the time to seek out how to restructure Sisterhood and if we will create a retreat in 2018. Since the retreats will be not be occurring on a regular basis, Shiloh will be put on the market for sale. There was not a long range plan to keep Shiloh into retirement as it is a financially draining property. Consequently, the house will be listed and Anita and James will be moving to Lewes, DE after the sale.

This has not been an easy transition and although there is excitement as to what the Universe will open up, there is also a level of heartache in not regularly being a part of our community through the retreats. Each and every retreat has been the most beautiful and enlightening experiences of our lives. And then there are all of you, the women who have touched our lives and gone deep into our hearts. Words cannot describe how each one of you, collectively and individually have changed our lives for the better.

To know that we are disappointing so many of you is not an easy burden to bear. There are so many guttural emotions that we have been and will continue to experience. For the disappointment, we apologize. However, this decision is one that had to be made in order for us to practice what we have taught over the last three years. Those lessons are caring for oneself in order to live a life of authenticity and presence.

Much Love and gratitude,

The Anitas